From Trash to Cash, Second Chance Thrift Expands

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July 21 – Second Chance Thrift Expands 

From Trash to Cash

In 2018, Christopher Salute began Second Chance Thrift, a resale and thrift business that turns used furniture, jewelry, clothing and collectibles into repurposed items. The company expanded from an online only business to two small store locations in Boulder City (on Wyoming Street and Arizona Street). 

The stores focus on original artwork, crafts, vintage media, comics, and baseball cards, as well as modern, craftsman, and shabby chic style decor and furniture. Online, you can see similar items as well as clothing for inclusive sizes for men and women.

“We have a few sites, online,” says Dr. Christopher Salute, “As well as 2 etsy shops, a store on eBay, poshmark, and we’re building out our shopify store.” 

An Evolution of Ideas

Salute explains how he started thinking about sustainability and repurposed items. “A few years ago, I began a small website that was an offshoot of ‘cambio.’ Cambio means ‘change’ in Latin,” he says. “We gave away small scholarships to students who made artwork, created businesses, or solved problems using sustainability and upcycling.” 

After a few years, the company rebranded to Second Chance Thrift. Named after Las Vegas, the Second Chance City, and a play on “second chance” items, Second Chance Thrift thrives to bring inexpensive and crafty items to Southern Nevada. 

Second Chance Expansion

There are several new stores being expanded to in 2021, from Boulder City to Las Vegas. One will be set up on Wyoming Street and one on Arizona Street  in Boulder City. Two locations are being added to downtown Las Vegas. And, there is a final location being added on Charleston Avenue, in Las Vegas. 

“We’re pretty excited to be doing what we love and helping to keep our planet more sustainable,” says Dr. Christopher Salute, owner of Second Chance Thrift. “Our generation is so used to throwing everything away… from people to items. This is just one small way to remind ourselves that almost anything can be repaired and kept.” 

Second lives are Salutes speciality. His career has spanned from human capital in the fields of banking and internet startups to the world of academia. He has authored several books coming out in 2021 on career and college transitions and hopes to make positive changes in his community, country, and the planet as a whole. 

For more information: 

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D. 

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