Hello Packet Drawer, My Old Friend…

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Hey, do you watch “Struggle Meals with Frankie Celenza? This dude is amazing. He cooks most of his meals for under $2 a plate.

If you want to see more of him, check him out, here:


So, wait… a food blogger… writing about another food cooker guy? Umm… yah… we do it all the time. Frankie is awesome. I love how he cooks, that he uses Chinese food containers instead of glass bowls for his meal prep, etc.

But, one thing I REALLY love from Frankie? His flavor packet drawer. Frankie is pretty smart. Whenever he orders food, he saves the little packets he gets.

Soy Sauce? Saved! Sugar from coffee? Saved! Little red paper flakes from pizza? Saved! And, with those packets, he’s able to flavor his dishes for FREE!

Well, not entirely for free, right? Because the dude had to order like hundreds of dollars of takeout food to get those condiments. Maybe thousands? We can’t always eat $2 meals right?

Well, my packet drawer is in the featured images of this post. It’s not nearly as organized as his. Or as complete. But, it’s mine! So, what’s in mine?

Mayo. Ketchup. Yellow Mustard. Golden Mustard. Hot Yellow Mustard. Sweet and Sour Sauce. Sugar. Splenda. Soy Sauce. Hot Sauce. Chinese Hot Sauce. Red Pepper Flakes. Parmesan Cheese. Duck Sauce. Salt. Pepper. Tea Bags. Single Serve Instant Coffee. Creamer. Dry Creamer. Stirrers. Garlic Powder. Butter. Jelly. Even wet naps! I… think… that’s about it.

The sauce I made in this photo was made ENTIRELY from my flavor drawer!

Well, I love what I do with my flavor drawer! It’s pretty Bold on a Budget! And, it helps me cook for my love during date night.

If anyone wants to start theirs, I’ll be happy to donate some of my packets to ya!

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