Going out with Dietary Restrictions

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So, I’m out with my cousin the other day… just some dudes sharing some sushi… right? You know the cool part about that statement? It’s totally reasonable to say. A few years ago, dudes going out for sushi wouldn’t be societal-ly (new word) acceptable. Now, that’s not ME saying that. I’ve been seeing broadway shows and having sushi with my pops for YEARS. But, most men haven’t.

So, we’re having some sushi, right? I only go to “All You can Eat Sushi” places for a few reasons:

  • I LOVE sushi!
  • I do have a binging problem and I satiate it when I can. Working on it, of course.
  • As a bigger dude, I’m going to eat at least 3 sushi rolls or a combination of pieces worth $50. Most AYCE places charge $19.99 on weekdays and $24.99 on weekends.
Greens at a sushi place? Where’s my bowl of rice??

I am living a keto lifestyle, currently. No, not a diet. I don’t diet. I hate diets. I hate restricting myself for a semi-permanent fix. I hate telling people, as a body positive human, that I am on a diet. But, I do enjoy living mostly carb-free because it FEELS good and I have been living my life, bloated as hell, wondering how many thousands of dollars I was going to have to spend on new suits. so, yes, I am cutting carbohydrates to feel good. And, I’m enjoying the way my tummy feels!

But, as I was eating with my cousin, I noticed the amount of foods I cannot eat. It didn’t bother either of us much because it was an all-you-can-eat restaurant so I could just order what I wanted without paying more.

That was, until I had lunch with a dear friend, at his home, a few days later. We had planned to have lunch for weeks and I completely forgot to tell him that I am living a low-carb life. What did he make me for lunch? As an he was serving an Italian-American, he thought he was doing me a solid and serving me lasagna! I had a bite so that I wasn’t rude (and man was it good), and ate some other foods. He completely understood. I was also there for the company and not the food, which comforted us both.

Sigh… I can’t have any of this! How do I say “no?”

But, it begged the question, how do we tell folks about our dietary restrictions? As men, does this become an even bigger challenge? I’ve been teased about my gluten sensitivity, especially when I opt for a vodka tonic (or honestly sometimes just a seltzer) instead of a beer. My manhood is often challenged with phrases that stay between dudes at the bar.

I’ll admit, it gets a little easier as I get older. But, what are some things we can say that help get our friends off of our backs? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “I’m staying by your place, tonight, right? You have an extra bathroom?”
  • “Yeah, I mean, we can end the night right here if I eat that bread.”
  • “Nah, man- my girl’s in town and I’m not going straight to bed, tonight.”

What are some phrases that work for you when you have a dietary restriction? Comment below!

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