Understanding the Vegan Diet – How Can I Improve?

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How to Improve Your Vegan Diet

Have you ever thought of going vegan but didn’t know where to begin? Do you think they’re not enough vegan options? Or is your new vegan diet crushing your pockets? Well, let’s learn new techniques that will keep your money in your pockets while enjoying new choices.

Save Money and Time

Vegan diets have been on the rise, from athletes, to actors, and musicians. Many people have joined the vegan wave but find it harder to eat fast food, go to restaurants, and even grocery shop. Through all of these conflicts, there’s actually many solutions. There are tons of restaurants, fast food chains, and grocery shopping tips to help save the day!

Let’s start with your lunch break! I know there’s some days where we don’t pack our lunches to work so we’re forced to go out for food! Since your lunch break usually ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, the most reasonable option is fast food of course. There may seem like they’re aren’t much vegan options for your diet…but maybe you haven’t heard of these choices!

If you’re looking for a burger, the best option would be going to a place that allows you to build your own! This way, you won’t have to worry about taking things out ingredients or choosing one from the menu that seems like it follows your diet. You can also order pizza and create your own vegan heaven. Subway even offers a Subway Veggie Delite that will satisfy your needs. Also, if you’re in a rush, salads are a good choice as well. Many fast food chains such as Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, and etc. offer salads that will nourish your diet. If you feel like eating something oily with your salad, go ahead and add a side of fries! This meal will make your stomach happy and keep your mind at ease.

Okay. So, you’ve had lunch. Now, your co-workers invite you to go out for dinner after your shift. You become hesitant. You don’t want to throw in restaurant ideas because you don’t want your diet to be a bother to everyone else. Good news is, you won’t have to worry anymore. There are many vegan options at restaurants that the owner may not even be aware of!

The best go to items at restaurants are: Soups, bean burritos, bean burgers, and etc. Many restaurants already offer these items so you won’t have to worry about cancelling plans with your friends. Referring back to the same advice for lunch, restaurants also have the build-your-own option. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for the meatless options! This comes in handy when you’re craving something but at the same time cautious your diet.

Now, it’s the weekend! You still haven’t went grocery shopping and your stomach is grumbling. Many critics have said going vegan is an expensive diet compared to their old lifestyle. Though it may seem like it in the beginning, there are still many ways to save. Although there are frozen vegan meals to choose from, creating your own can help you save some coins. Buying vegetables, fruit, rice, beans, and etc. are some key items to have. Making your own meals and meal prepping for the week helps to prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while never having to worry about finding food that meets your needs.

If you ever thought about going vegan or seem to be struggling with your options, there is still hope. There are also many apps and resources such as: HappyCow, Food Monster, VeganXpress, and much more to help you along the way. Though it may not be easy at first,  stay motivated and always have an open mind!

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